Central Midwest Exchange Students

Why Host a Foreign Exchange Student?

Ø  By Enriching, Educating and Enlightening your family, you will gain new insights and a renewed appreciation for different cultures and a step toward a safer world for your children and grandchildren.


Ø  A New Understanding as you begin to see the world through the eyes of your new son or daughter.


Ø  Gain a renewed interest and pride in your ancestry generated by the excitement brought to you by your new family member.


Ø  Interest in Language will inspire your children that learning a new language is easy, fun and careers in an International Business, which once seemed distance, now become real and possible in the global world of today.


Ø  Lifelong Friends are realized as your new son or daughter say goodbye.  Your children now have a new brother or sister across the world.  Your exchange student will give you Love, Respect and Pride just as your children do.


Ø  Learning how similar we all are helps us to open our minds and hearts toward the new and different.  Open Mindedness will become more comfortable as your children see their new sister or brother adapt and thrive in a totally foreign situation.


Ø  Allows your Family to have participation in exchange by sending your children to study/visit abroad.


Ø  Be a Diplomat by sharing the true America with the world and making the world a safer place for your children and grandchildren.  Exchange is America's #1 Ambassador Program.


Ø  A lifetime Experience for you and your family and your new household member.  Relationships that will last a life time.


What Hosting Gave Our Family!

  • "An opportunity for our family to help guide wonderful young people"
  • "A different insight into what defines American culture"
  • "Appreciation and pride in our country"
  • "The opportunity for our children to experience something unique and now they have an international sister"
  • "Friends to visit in all corners of the world"
  • "A chance for our children to see the advantages and benefits of learning a foreign language"
  • "An international experience that our children are able to refer to when applying to colleges"
  • "The benefits of experiencing community service while working with a non-profit organization"
  • "The knowledge to overcome cultural boundaries and misconceptions of the world around us"